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Where the food

and the people are out of this world. 

The Mission

 The hard working hands of our community are brought together to help Revitalize Mars at this first Annual Artisans Dinner on Mars. Our mission is to raise awareness of locally sourced and sustainable products. Cultivating our roots today within the local region will grow a more viable and consciousness community for all. Our goal is that future generations will maintain the vision of cultivating our Mars roots.

Meet the People 

 Mars hosts a wide variety artisans that devote their lives to a craft. This Artisans Dinner on Mars will help recognize and showcase the vibrant work of the local community. 


Just like the town of Mars itself, this Artisan Dinner will be like no other - with the proceeds used to fund a scholarship that will benefit Mars High School students as well as Mars' process towards revitalizing the down town area.

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